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Entrance Permit Application


Entrance Permit Application

Information Regarding Entrances:

  1. Entrance must be no more than a maximum of 2% grade from shoulder for 8 Metres.

  2. Trees and shrubs must be removed and grubbed to meet required sightlines.

  3. Ditching must be done to ensure property drainage from road and adjacent property.

  4. All disturbed areas must be seeded or sodded.

  5. Storm Water Management Site Plan by a qualified professional may be required.

 Current Fees can be viewed in our Fees and Charges By-Law


Is the applicant different than the Property Owner?

Entrance Information 

Is this application required due to a property severance?
Entrance Type
Side of the Road

Please upload an Entrance Sketch (legal survey or site plan)  

  • North arrow
  • existing drainage / proposed lot drainage
  • location of proposed entrance
  • property limits
  • existing utilities (if applicable)
  • any building(s) on the property (if applicable)
  • any other entrances on the property (if applicable)
  • distances between existing and proposed entrances (if applicable)

Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

Which Conservation Authority regulates your property?
Have you consulted the conservation authority regarding your entrance?

Mandatory Preparation for Entrance Permit Inspection

Place the provided orange “Entrance Permit” markers on either side of the proposed entrance and the provided pink “PL-Property Line” markers on both corners of the property facing the road.

Notify the Municipal Office when both markers are in place as indicated in the instructions on the back of the orange/pink markers.

Entrance Permit Notes:

Until this application has been approved:

  • The applicant is responsible for all utility locates
  • Upon final inspection of an entrance, that meets Municipal standards and is approved by a Municipality of Trent Hills Inspector within 18 months from the initial inspection, an entrance permit deposit refund will be applied for.
  • A re-inspection fee will apply after the 1st (first) failed Final Inspection as per the current Fees and Charges By-law. The fee for each re-inspection will be deducted from the entrance permit deposit.
  • If an Entrance Permit is not completed within the required time frame, the deposit will be forfeited. A new Entrance Permit Application with all fees and deposits will be required to restart the process to complete it.

  • Should the property indicated on this entrance permit change ownership (ie: be sold) prior to being completed and approved by a Municipal Inspector, the Entrance Permit Deposit will be forfeited and the new owner(s) will be required to submit an Entrance Permit Application along with all applicable fees, to bring the incomplete entrance up to municipal standards.
  • Final inspections associated to approved building permits will only be provided to properties that have a completed and approved entrance by a Municipality of Trent Hills Inspector.
  • Any use of the land and/or placement of any structures shall be approved by the Planning and Development Departments.
  • No building permits or Civic/911 address will be assigned until the entrance is complete and approved by a Municipality of Trent Hills Inspector. 
  • Any use of the land and/or placement of any structures shall comply with Municipality of Trent Hills Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 2010-105. Contraventions will be directed to By-law Enforcement for investigation.
  • Please refer to the current Fees and Charges By-law available on the Trent Hills website for fees associated with Entrance Permit Applications and Municipal/Emily Project Addresses Signs and Posts.

I have read and understand the above regarding entrance permit applications.


Personal information contained on this form is collected pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be used for the purpose of processing the Entrance Permit Application.  Inquiries regarding the collection of this information may be directed to the Office of the Clerk/Freedom of Information Coordinator, Municipality of Trent Hills, 66 Front Street South, P.O. Box 1030, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0 Tel: 705-653-1900.





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Land Acknowledgement

We recognize the traditional keepers of this land and, specifically our neighbours of the Alderville First Nation, with a formal territorial acknowledgement.

Welcome to the Gunshot Treaty Lands of 1788. It is on these lands and on the shores of the big lake, the Mississauga Anishinabeg met with the Crown to facilitate the opening of these lands for

Let us be reminded of the responsibility we all have in making sure that we respect these lands and waters that give us life and sustain our livelihoods.

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